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Work takes up so much of this urology super-specialist's time that a query on his favorite pastime takes long to be answered. And the reply is as predictable as the right, treatment for kidney stones: Patients. Fellowship from University of California, San Francisco, did much to kindle his passion for traveling but sadly left him little time for indulging it. But never mind, professionally, he is simply unbeatable.

As far as urology is concerned, Dr P N Gupta - whose super-speciality centre in Sector 40-B draws patients from far and near - is a pioneer in the northern region. His forte is rare and complex surgeries.

He mastered the new concept of Laparoscopic Renal Surgery which is the 'in thing' in American medical science. In India, only two other centres have this facility, the AIIMS and the Bombay Hospital. "We are still in the nascent stage though the success of my attempt is encouraging," he said.

In fact, Dr Gupta has been a pioneer in many techniques like the uretro-renoscopy or the URS using the Swiss Lithoclasts.

Dr. P N Gupta has done almost a dozen retroperitoneal laparoscopic surgeries (meant for Kidney and Ureter) at his clinic. According to him PGI is yet to acquire this technique.

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